Historic Downtown Liberty, Inc.


To stimulate economic development in Historic Downtown Liberty by encouraging cooperation and fostering leadership in the community; by creating a positive image of downtown and promoting it as an exciting place to live, shop and invest; by improving the appearance of downtown through sensitive infill and historic preservation; and by strengthening and expanding the economic base of the downtown area.

Vision Statement

Historic Downtown Liberty, the heart of a unified community and the center for city and county government, will have an inviting appearance, highlighted by historic architecture, and will enhance civic, cultural and economic viability of the entire community – retail, service, academic, government and industry.

Downtown Liberty will be a strong business community and an entertainment destination with:

• A clean, safe, well-lighted and inviting appearance day and night.
• Appealing storefronts occupied with a variety of inviting and interesting retail and service businesses.
• Activities that will attract and benefit area residents, industry, the college community and visitors.
• Well preserved historic architecture that offers visual unity and a quality experience.
• Unified retail and service businesses with a reputation for welcoming and supporting new businesses.
• Downtown as a creative and lively center where people will shop, enjoy, remember and return.

HDLI Board Members for 2019 are: Rob Jones (President), Aimee Gray (Vice President), Tom Underwood (Treasurer), Lonna Bissonnette (Secretary), Dustin Ackart, Aundre Gray, Patrick McDowell, Steve Meirowsky, Cindy Smith, and Mikaela Papageorgiou. Jeanine Thill, Community Development Manager for the City of Liberty, is our city liaison.